Our Story

Native Coffee Traders offers you eight delicious blends of organic coffee that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Whether you drink gourmet coffees in solitude, or with friends, coffee can contribute to your sense of well-being, particularly when it is organic and pesticide free. When you buy from Native Coffee Traders, you not only have the satisfaction of knowing that you are drinking a healthier, tastier coffee, but that you are also helping to preserve the traditional Native farming communities throughout South and Central America.


As recent as two hundred years ago, the magical powers of coffee were being extolled throughout Europe.  It was so popular that even physicians tried to prevent the beverage from becoming widespread so that they could keep it for experimentation. However, its popularity continued to spread rapidly through the homelands, and on to the Americas, where the French were the first to cultivate the bean in the tropical climates of the West Indies. From there, the coffee bean cultivation began in Brazil. Not long after, cultivation spread throughout Mexico, South and Central America.

The Americans proved to have fertile grounds to grow coffee. Unfortunately, to satisfy the growing demand, the commercial plantations that grow coffee today mass produced it at an alarming rate. As a result, more tropical rain forests are being destroyed. These plantations hire Native people at wages that are too low to support their families. These farms also produce a lower quality of coffee that is full of chemicals, using pesticides banned in the United States such as DDT and Malathion.

A place where ecological responsibility and a great cup of coffee meet, our organic Arabica coffee is grown without herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. Coffee is the world's second largest traded commodity and choosing Native Coffee Traders organically grown beans is a great way to help make a positive social and environmental impact on society. 

All beans purchased by NCT are Fair Trade Certified and Native Coffee Traders is a Fair Trade Certified Company (FTC). Fair Trade is a type of international trade that enables farmers to avoid poverty by guaranteeing fair prices and sustainability. It allows producers to invest in their farms and communities abroad and let farmers compete in global marketplace. We purchase the organic coffee beans from these native farmers and roast them ourselves at plants run by Native Americans. This allows us to offer Native Coffee at prices competitive to or less than commercial coffees. Our Native American personnel are trained to process this quality coffee product on their land which creates opportunities in management, production, marketing, and sales. In addition, parts of our profits are dedicated to improving the quality of life of children and families from the growing coffee communities. 

Native Coffee is made available to you through a network of native communities from the cooperative family farms in Mexico and Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Peru, to Native American Nation Territories in North America. Our organically grown, chemical free Arabica green beans are certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association, which is the most respected international organic crop certification organization. From farm to coffee shop, Native Coffee is prepared using traditional methods by the native people, which allow them to maintain their cultures and indigenous lifestyles. 


Thank you for taking the time to learn about Native Coffee Traders. Now, you can start drinking a healthier, tastier coffee today!